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Water conversation is one of today’s hottest topics. It is especially important for drought-stricken areas to develop innovative ways to decrease the amount of water that is being consumed. Here is some of newest water conservation technology on the market in 2013.

Innovative Rain Barrels
Although rain barrels have been around for years, these new versions are better than ever. Not only do they collect vital rain water, but the barrels are also made from 100 recycled materials. The barrel is designed Read the rest of this entry »



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Most people are at least peripherally aware that electricity plants fueled by nuclear power, coal or natural gas create air pollution. However, there is less awareness that these plants also have a negative effect on the nation’s waterways. Conventional power plants use huge quantities of water to create steam. This warmed water is then returned to the environment. During the process, various toxic substances like arsenic, mercury and lead are released along with the heated water.

Increased reliance on alternative energy sources would eliminate much of the desecration of the nation’s water supply. Solar cells show the most potential for creating an increasing amount of the country’s electricity. Wind and hydroelectric power will also help eliminate the need for conventional power generation. In many parts of the Northeast, green energy is already available. Thanks to the Internet, concerned Pennsylvanians can conveniently First Choice Energy about local choices.

Hydroelectric power plants are well-represented in the area. By harnessing geographic features and the natural flow of water, electricity is created without the release of toxic substances into streams and lakes. In Pennsylvania alone, there are eight facilities creating energy with the power of water.

The availability of hydroelectric power is constrained somewhat by the availability of water, but solar energy is available everywhere. The development of solar energy complexes will increase the availability of this form of green energy. A diffused grid utilizing solar panels on homes and businesses can also help decrease the need for conventional power sources. Federal tax credits and state assistance may be available for citizens who wish to help expand the sustainable energy grid.

Once installed, solar panels have a lifespan of at least 20 years. As technology improves, the lifespan and efficiency of solar power will also improve. Today’s panels are able to convert about 15 percent of the sun’s energy into electricity. Researchers are working hard to develop new technology and storage systems to increase the efficiency of solar power.

Wind turbines also play a part in weaning the nation off carbon fueled electricity. At least 12 wind farms are already providing part of the energy needed to power Pennsylvania. These plants harness nature without detrimental effects on either the air or waterways. By utilizing wind and other green energy sources, it is possible to preserve the planet’s resources for future generations.



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Earth is often referred to as the blue planet. It is covered by water on 70 of its surface. However, there is a major water shortage crisis that is currently underway. Since all human beings and indeed all living things need water in order to survive, this is a very serious issue.

There are a few signs that the world needs to conserve water or face the consequences. The first of which is the fact that only about 2 of the total water on the planet is fresh Read the rest of this entry »



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Conserving natural water resources will ensure that everyone in the future will have access to safe drinking water. Water conservation methods are developed by city leaders in order to conserve this precious resource. Most cities have programs in place that will limit water use during certain seasons of the year. Spring and summer are commonly the months where water conservation rules apply to residents.

These conserving methods include restricting water use to a specific number of hours Read the rest of this entry »



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General Maintenance
The first and most obvious step in conserving water in your own home is to perform regular checks on all of your pipes and faucets.

Only run washing machines and dishwashers when they are full. Hand-washing your dishes can save even more water, as long as you are not constantly running the faucet. Instead, fill your sink with just enough soapy water to submerge and scrub a few dishes at a time, or simply soak and lather your dish sponge.

We all know that turning off the faucet while brushing our teeth saves Read the rest of this entry »



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Water generates energy when it flows or falls. The result is hydroelectric power, and an environmentally-friendly and powerful renewable energy.

What are the benefits to water energy?

Water energy, or hydropower, has many benefits. The energy has fair maintenance and operating costs, power plants that create it emit very little of the carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming, and the plants last up to ten times longer than those that produce nuclear energy or coal.

What are the downsides of water energy?

Hydroelectric plants take up space and may disrupt the habitats of animals. Large-scale Read the rest of this entry »



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Oil, natural gas and coal are fossil fuels. Humanity has been dependent upon these fuels for a very long time. From lawn mowers to mass transportation, fossil fuels power society. However, the dwindling supply of fossil fuels should definitely make society worried.

There are only a finite number of fossil fuel resources on the planet. Once they’re gone, there is no way to replenish the fossil fuels. The reason why mankind cannot make their own fossil Read the rest of this entry »



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Conserving water is something that you should definitely worry about. In fact, there are a lot of reasons to do so. First of all, you have to think about your monthly budget. If you have city or county water, you probably have to pay a fair amount of money on your water bill every month, and this bill can really put a damper on your finances. If you work to conserve water, however, you can actually Read the rest of this entry »